Monday, February 10, 2020

Overview and Discuss the Current Trends in Web Development Essay

Overview and Discuss the Current Trends in Web Development - Essay Example It is predicted that there would be larger demands for single websites that would be capable of supporting both desktop computers as well as mobile instruments. For years, there have been websites serving for the computers and the mobiles separately. However, with recent development it is expected that there would be uniformity in the web designs enabling them to serve both for the computers and the mobile devices. At the same time, there would be greater need for security since simplified sign up processes would be involved in the further web developments. It is also predicted that customization of content of marketing would be supported through big data in the recent developments of the web (Scaglione, 2013). Mobiles are the latest trends in use. Considering the new developments in the web, it is predicted and expected that several simple sites would be developed through designs that are heavy in texture. Responsive and adaptive sites would be in an increase. The current trends are expected to mature in the near future. A new world would be entered into with the development of new and powerful browsers and HTML5, CSS3, and jQueries. These trends have been more focused in the recent times considering the fact that the mobile devices have become highly advanced easily available for use by individuals. Two major developments that are expected to largely influence the development of the web in the recent times and in the future are: Shift of companies to the SaaS and cloud model, and to the personalization and depending on technological intelligence for behavior of the user as well as the device; Development of the applications of the mobile devices (Scaglione, 2013). The year 2012 was expected to encounter certain hardships in terms of the economic difficulties and the web industry was found to struggle through such hardships as it tried to develop through censorship, indigenous applications, and the technology that was not only rapid in its nature but also frag mented. However the predictions for the year 2013 reflect change in the designs and hence shift to newer designs and development. Thus usage of the devices, as well as adjustments of the consumption of the web is considered for shifts to new developments (Grannell, 2013). Open source tools and applications have been obtained to be highly beneficial for web development as they are capable of being used as alternatives for web designs considering the budgets for such development in the present times. There are several open source applications that are free and also have features that may be compared to the ones offered by expensive web designs. Thus, this enables a web designer to have all the necessary tools and applications without much expenditure (Jones, 2009). The present study would discuss on some of the open sources web development tools that include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, ASP.Net, jQuery, AJAX, Web Content Management Systems, WebApps, WYSIWYG, and Search Engine O ptimizations. The study would also have an overview on some of the closed sources as

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